La globo-lámpara!

What we used

One big, round balloon. We used really big one, but didn´t fill it completely. (You can get them from balloon-companies where you live, try Google...)
A pump to fill the balloon with
2 balls of Ice og 1 ball Lerke, or other yarn, preferably cotton or acryllic.
Water resistant marker
Wallpaper glue
An old box to mix the glue and the yarn in
Stick to mix the glue and the yarn
Gloves, if you don´t like it messy, we made it without...
Something to hang the lamp by. We used IKEAs ricelamp hanging device (bottom right), and cut the long bits off
Paper cloth
Wire with lightening bulb

How we did it
Gather all the materials.
Put the yarn into the glue and mix properly. Work the glue into the yarn without unveiling the ball.
Fill the balloon to a desireable size. Rub it in with a thin layer of vaseline.
Get your hanging device, and mark a circkle at the top of the balloon that´s 1 -2 cm smaller than the hanging device.
Hang it and start whirling.
Whild pretty tightly. Start oot vertically and work more and more horizontally. Make sure it get´s even. Make sure you stick to the circle you drew on top. Tuck the loose ends under the yarn at the top, and work the circkle when you´re done so it´s all even.
Leave it drying for 24 hours, we recommend that you take it inside to dry.
Pop the balloon and let there be light!